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Wolf Dew / Fiber Art Rainbow - Horseshoe Rainbow Pastel

Wolf Dew

Each rainbow is made with yarn and 4 individual pieces of jute rope. Each handmade piece in assembled together by hand once all colors are wrapped.  Every pom pom is made with wool yarn and attached to the rainbow.  Perfect as a wall (or anywhere) hanging :) 

Small approx measures: 5 x 6  in.

    About Wolf Dew: 
    Rachel Ulman graduated from The University of Alabama in 2003 with a double degree in Studio Art/Art History.  Wolf.Dew began when Rachel moved back to Brooklyn, NY with her Husband and two children Ze’ev (6y) and Talia (3y) as an opportunity to explore her creative roots again.  
    The name Wolf.Dew originated from her children’s names.  Ze’ev is Hebrew for “Wolf” and Talia “Dew from g-d”
    They have been a constant inspiration for all things whimsical and playful.  




    Type: Wall Art

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