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Tool Belt AND Chalk People Gift Set

Goose Grease

This gift set is for a combination our unique tool belt + chalk people at a discounted price. This tool belt has five pockets and a sturdy string to wrap around your little one's waist. You can also simply roll up the belt and toss the dolls in your purse when you're on the go.

The wooden dolls in this set are coated with a special chalk surface which allows you to write with chalk and erase your work with a damp cloth. 

*Please note color of tool belt may vary depending on muslin cloth used in handmade production. 

Photo with Child's hands by Esther Wright on Mini Style Mag

INCLUDES One Tool Belt, 4 Chalk People Dolls, 2 Pieces of Chalk

Sewn in Bogotá, Colombia by one of our artisan team members.  


Type: Toy

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