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Lacing Bead Set - Natural Wood

Wild Creek Co

Help your little one learn manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, counting, matching and patterns. Children find joy and satisfaction in repetition.  Even after your child has mastered this lacing bead set, you will find they come back to it often, and the way they choose to use it reflects the stage of their development.  They may chose to sort by bead type, make a pattern, or perhaps they need a break from the heavier things they are learning and find it relaxing to unwind with fine motor work. 

This lacing bead set is such a fun teaching tool for your little ones.  Your young child may need a little help the first few times with you, for example, holding the string or starting the bead on the string, but soon they will be impatient to do it themselves!

    • Set includes 30 large beads of three different types for beginners and 50 smaller beads (in a separate smaller muslin bag) for children advancing in development and skill, and three strands of thick, sturdy leather lace all neatly together in a muslin bag.
    • Waxed with our in-house organic beeswax/jojoba oil blend to protect wood over time.

    Type: Lacing Beads

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