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Dusty Lavender Doll

Bushel & Peck

Exclusive for CLOTH by Bushel & Peck, this one of a kind doll in Dusty Rose is the sweetest gift for baby.  Due to the nature of plant dyes, each doll is unique and will have slight colour variation.

The doll is both bright and subdued. She is made from organic cotton, organic cotton velour and peace silk. All material has been coloured without the use of harmful mordant. The Dusty Rose  doll is light in weight and measures 12” long x 9” wide, the perfect size for tiny hands.


About Bushel & Peck Dolls:  Each doll is hand dyed using only plants. They are crafted from organic cotton and peace silk. Peace silk is particularly special as it is made from silk strands collected after the moth has completed its transformation and emerged undisturbed. This silk is a fair trade product and is harvested on small farms in India. From start to finish the creation of a Bushel & Peck doll is truly a peaceful process. Each doll is lightly stuffed with organic wool. Sheep’s wool has the unique quality of retaining warmth and absorbing scents, so baby’s Bushel & Peck doll will always hold the familiar smell of home.

Type: Doll

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