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Anoushka Dress - Cocotte Green

Hello Simone

All over printed dress with incrusted cotton embroideries on the front and on the skirt.

3 buttons at the back.

Robe longueur genou, broderie incrustée sur le devant et sur la jupe. 3 boutons dans le dos. Longueur sous genou.

100% cotton

Print exclusif hello Simone 

Designed in Paris, Exclusive print and design


About:  Hello Simone is a new French children’s wear company
founded in 2014 by Tifenn Duchatelle, a former fashion journalist.
Tifenn takes her inspiration from the children world
of boundless imagination and, a mother of two, has a keen sense of
practicality in her playful and yet sophisticated styles.

For each collection Hello Simone takes us to a different country.  
The original stylish prints and embroideries are unique to the brand and designed ethically in Paris. Fabrics are especially dyed for each collection that carries a different theme. 
The materials are made of quality natural fabrics and yarns are very soft and easy to wear.

Type: Shirt

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