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Welcome to Cloth Journal

July 09, 2016

It's time for an introduction.  I believe that anything is possible.  I believe there is beauty everywhere. Since I was a wee, shy girl growing up, I believed I could be and do anything I put my mind to.  For many years I focused on school, my career, my children.  Here I go again.   I'm 36, I have two young children, Hunter (nearly 6) and Vivienne (3 going on 13).  Welcome on our journey.  

People have been asking me "What are you up to now?"   I've got a new feed, a new website and now here comes the content.  

The truth is, I'm creating a life for myself again; as a women, a mother, a wife and as a spiritual being living a human experience.  I'm the same me, but it's a newer, more independent me.  I'm not waiting for someone to rescue me.  I put my 'careers' and my passions aside, when I decided to have a family.  With no regrets, I am ready to start being me again.  I'm reclaiming my life as a woman.   

I worked in fashion for many years, studied yoga and discovered a passion for nutrition along the way.  This helped me to raise and teach my children the importance of eating locally, organically grown food and appreciating new tastes that nourish the body and provide us with more energy to play and explore.  All these years, I began to a develop a deep love (and adventure) for discovering beautful children's clothing and fun stuff along the way.  The door is open again.  

It's that moment that you've been waiting for; the moment you lift the veil on something that has been brewing in the back corners of your mind for almost 7 years. 

I named my first born, Hunter, for likely more reasons than one.  I've been a 'hunter' of beautiful things through the lens of my eyes, for as far as I can remember.   Perhaps it comes from my years of studying design and working in NYC with some of the very best fashion designers.  I've always looked for quality, precision in line and detail in clothing, handmade toys, free of toxic paints and made by the hands of small artisans, and discovered ethically made furniture and design in the most unexpected places. 

I started 'Cloth Journal' to explore and share my passion for finding the finest, and often, indiscoverable in children's clothing and accessories, small treasures and design. 

In the (pinch myself) near future, I want to share 'Cloth Shoppe,' so that we can bring these beautiful pieces into your own home and into your child's life.  

Through all the mass produced glitter and jazz, I want people to find simplicity and beauty in the art and process of design, and therefore bring our children back to the simpler times of childhood. 

"She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future."

Thank you for following along on the journal.   We have so much more in store for you in the near future. 
I have butterflies in my stomach and cannot wait to share more.